I don't have much to talk about food wise, but I do have a lots of things to talk about gratitude wise. 

With the tornadoes and the flooding and the general misery present in the world today, I would like to take some time to make a gratitude list to center myself and remember how lucky I am. 

1.  I am grateful for the physical ability to pick up the limbs that fell from my trees last night. 

2.  I am grateful for technology that keeps me in touch with friends. 

3.  I am grateful for iced coffee from my keurig. 

4.  I am grateful that Brandon will laugh at me when I ask him to put his tennis shoes on before the storm comes, but then will still humor me and put them on. And just that he's an all around amazing dude.

5.  I am grateful for creative people.  

6.  I am grateful to have a job that fulfills me.  

7.  I am grateful for my church. 

8.  I am grateful that the limb in my dads yard fell in his yard and not on his head.  

9.  I am grateful for Van Morrison.

10.  I am grateful for friends that are much better to me than I deserve. 

11.  I am grateful for dresses in the summer. 

12.  I am grateful for Pintrest. 

13.  I am grateful for 2 point a piece egg rolls for lunch. You can get them at the Wal Mart by the deli counter.

14.  I am grateful that I always land on my feet. 

15.  I am grateful for opportunities to be brave. 

16.  I am grateful for google calendars and google docs.  And really just google. 

17.  I am grateful for my nieces.  And that my sister trusts me enough to let me care for them.  Because I bet that was kind of scary...  

     Alex and Mary Kenway...Photography by Twice the Focus

18.  I am grateful my mom and Chick each had the other to ride out the storm with. 

19.  I am grateful for the landscaping outside of my office window. 

20.  I am grateful for my blog readers.

What are YOU grateful for today??

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  1. I am grateful for this blog and for a weekend with my ghis to look forward to!! Also, though I am not currently in a career position that fulfulls me, I am grateful for the certainty that I will someday be in one (and appreciate it all the more as a result) and that, for the time being, a man who identified himself as "T.J." just stopped by my cubica and offered to buy me a diet cherry limeade from sonic.....