Pizza Pocket Failures and Other Adventures

I had this great idea sometime last week to make homemade pizza pockets.  One of my favorite blogs had made them, and just knew that I was going to make them and they were going to be fantastic.  

The Brandon thought differently and shook his head every time I started to excitingly discuss them.  

Well.  Sunday was the big day.  The day that I was going to make the best pizza pockets EVER.  Well.  Turns out.  

It was a complete and total disaster.  Not only did it take forever, make a complete mess, and come out with no flavor, I also burned them to a complete crisp.  

See what happened was that I was working on my fitness by playing the hula hoop game on my Wii and did not hear the timer go off.  And for those of you laughing at me doing the Wii hula hoop, stop.  It's a great ab work out.  

Anyway.  Pizza pockets get burned and recipes fail and we all move on.  

In my case, we move on to a pork tenderloin.  Here's what we had instead for supper on Monday night...

For those of you keeping track, that's 8 oz of pork for 6 points and 1/2 cup of mustard greens for 0 points. 

The Brandon was happy...it's his favorite meal. 

That small point dinner allowed me to have one glass of wine at the Alluvian and a junior candy ice cream sundae from Sonic. Wild, I know.   

The Reeses' one is 4 points but I tracked it as 5 points because sometimes I don't trust Sonic. 

Way to work out, recipe failure!

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  1. have you tried wii just dance? you'd be into it.