This is a public service announcement!

Most of you probably know my sister, Chick, by now.  But today, she's not just my sister.  She's the new face of buffalo gnats. 

When looking at this picture, not only might you notice her sad face, but  you'll also notice her whelps.  This weekend, she was attacked by buffalo gnats at a goat roast. 

Yes, there was just a lot going on in that paragraph. 

Brandon and I ventured east to Greenville yesterday to see a movie, and it was there that I witnessed this poor child dancing all around, trying to scratch her itches. 

It's for this reason that I feel a PSA is appropriate on this blog. 

Buffalo gnats, also known as turkey gnats (which is awesome), usually aren't a problem in our fair state.  However, since they usually breed in fast moving bodies of water (source), they've become much more of a problem since the this year's MS River Flood

So how does this affect you?  Well, unless you live in one of the towns along the MS River, it probably doesn't.  

But if you do...here are some tips.  

1.  Hide your poultry.  Buffalo gnats appear to be more harmful to chickens than humans.  It's not necessarily because they bite them and give them a disease.  It's because they swarm herds of chickens, causing them to panic and stampede and either trample smaller chickens OR run into structures.  Oh, you think I'm making this up?  Source.  

2.  Go inside.  Buffalo gnats rarely go indoors. They are more of an outdoor creature.   

3.  Pull out your vanilla extract. Or other non-DEET repellents like eucalyptus oil. Source I've also heard that Banana Boat sunscreen works...but I can't source it.  

4.  Dress accordingly.  Wear long sleeves, light colors, and long pants.  And your hat with the mesh over your face.  I don't have one of those.  But maybe you do.  Because maybe you double as a bee keeper. 

So there you go.  A little PSA from Decorating the Elevator.  

Just trying to help, people.         

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