To Waffle House or Not To Waffle House (Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich)

Greenwood has a Waffle House.  I'm sure I've talked about it before.  Considering that breakfast is one of my favorite meals, this is kind of a hot spot for me.  

Sometimes, a girl just needs a breakfast sandwich.  

As was the case on Saturday morning.  It was important that I avoid the Waffle House that particular morning; there may or may not have been a Krystal Chick consumed the night before.  

The best option for me was to make my own.

I calculated the points to this AFTER I had already made it; they were a little high for a breakfast (in my mind) but it was delightful.  Worth every point.  Gave waffle house a run for it's money.  Would be a good breakfast-for-supper option.  I've given up making paragraphs flow.   

"Sausage" Egg and Cheese Sandwich

1 egg
2 slices of light wheat bread
1 slice of reduced fat cheese
spray butter
cooking spray

Spray slices of bread with butter, pop into an oven to let them toast.  Add cheese about half way through so it can start melting. 

Meanwhile, fry your egg in some cooking spray.  You could throw your sausage patty in next to your egg or you can heat it up in the microwave; it's up to you. 

Once it's all done, layer it all up and enjoy!

Serving size 1 sandwich
Points plus 8

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