Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

Feeling very thankful today that the newest member of our ever expanding family got here safe and sound and cute as all get out today.  Seriously...cute as all get out.  The miracle that is birth continues to blow my mind.

You know what else was cute?  Sister meeting sister.  Almost can't even stand it!    

I love her already. 

In doing things i've never done before news, I'm five hours into my role as a single mother and I must admit that it's kind of intense.  Thank goodness for my sister's kind friends and Finding Nemo.  I didn't cook supper as I'd planned but instead ate a grilled cheese standing up with the baby girl on my hip.  And there was snot on my dress.  

Just out of my element, that's all.  It's actually quite fun.  She likes to hang out in my lap, which is cool.  And she cleans up her toys when she dumps them all out on the ground, which is amazing.

Stay tuned....     


  1. How exciting! Congratulations to all of you!

    By the end of your single momhood, you will be going crazy....then you will miss her so much when she's gone.

    It's weird how that works.

  2. congratulations aunt laura merrill!!! :) beautiful girls!