What Up, Wednesday?

No recipes to share today.  I do, however, have some info / finds / strange pictures for you today. 

Let's start with info.  Remember this sandwich that I made a few weeks ago?  Well I've shaved a few points off of it and it was still dee-to-the-lish.  It's now 1 slice of light wheat bread, 1 slice of 1 point pepper jack cheese, 1 fried egg, and 1 morning star farm sausage patty.  This makes it 6 points plus instead of 8.  Score!

And now for a find.  These are potato straws and I'm excited to announce that you can have 38 of these for three points plus.  Great snack.    

You can learn more about them here

And now for a strange picture...

What do YOU think was going on here? 

Happy Wednesday!    

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