A Few on Friday

I am trying to start a roller blade gang in Greenwood.  My friends are less enthused than I am, but I think if I can just keep working it into conversations it can happen.  I'm absolutely going to require that to be in my roller blade gang you have to wear long jean shorts and a Guatemalan belt.  The sliders and sports bra will be optional, but encouraged.  Who's with me?  And who's buying me roller blades?

When I fall while roller blading, and that will happen, it's going to hurt.

Hurt kind of like when I was attacked by a charlie horse Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.
It was bad.  

It led me to want to learn more about Charlie Horses'.  So I did.  Turns out, they can be caused by overusing the muscles, standing up for long periods of time, or dehydration.  My money is on my Charlie Horse occurring because I didn't drink quite enough water the day before.

But I'm not sure.  I am sure that I still love this picture.  No matter how many times I've posted it. 
It's a horse, get it?  And we shall call them Charlie Horses'. 

I love a movie in which the world is saved.  More specifically, I love a movie in which the world is saved by Will Smith.  Unfortunately, Will Smith has not been saving the world lately so I'm having to make do.  

My plan is to smile sweetly at my fiance this Sunday and ask him to take me to go see Super 8.  Even though I'm pretty sure it's going to scare the daylights out of me, I still want to give it a shot.  

I'll probably be so scared that I will be forced to bake and eat these cookies...

find it here

And now...three wishes.  More specifically...three frivolous, slightly bratty wishes.

1.  This hair:

find it here

2.  To be by a pool reading this....

    from amazon

That Scarlet, she's a trip...

3.  For a cute dress to wear on my trip next weekend.  Nashville, baby!  

Happy weekend, par-tay people!  Hope it's a good one! 


  1. first off, i am pretty sure my rollerblades in the closet at moms. unless she tossed them on one of her cleaning binges. secondly, i am pretty sure will smith is currently filming Men in Black III... so not to fear, he'll be back to saving the world i'm sure.

  2. third off, quit posting that picture.