A Few on Friday

I'm having a large time with my camera.  I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm having a large time with it.  Wednesday night I figured out that trick where you do a blurry background with a sharp object in the foreground.  Foreground?  Is that right?  Regardless....it's been fun.  So fun that the smallest things, like beer and watermelon, speak to me. 

In addition to my constant quest for organization in my life, I'm also on a constant quest to decorate my home in a manner that is tranquil.  I would like this bed, please.  I love it.  I feel like I could make the pillows, MAYBE even make the duvet cover.  Keep your eyes out, people, for anything resembling this look...

find it here

And while you are hunting for my bedding...would you also like to pick out my china pattern?  My plan for Saturday is to spend some time bumming around downtown Greenwood looking at china and silver and crystal (oh my!).  

The silver is already figured out...I'll be using my Nanny's pattern, which is Gorham.  And yes, I just had to call my sister to get the name.  

  find it here

Isn't that lovely?  It makes me feel very southern to get the same silver pattern as my grandmother.  I will totally bury it to hide it from enemy troops if need be...

My sister Jennifer is really good at this kind of stuff.  She's the one that told me that I need to take a piece of silver with me when picking out my china.  Just to make sure it all goes.  And stick the crystal up next to it.  This is all pretty obvious but just not stuff that I think about. 

So what to do?  I guess just drool over Herend for a little while...

 find it here

Happy weekend! Hope it's a great one!

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  1. that china pattern also comes with a pink border or a blue border in addition to the green. i am going to register for a mix of patterns, but the blue queen v is my favorite right now! i hope you had a fun time today. what did you choose?