Hawaiian Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwich

I had some pretty high hopes for this dish.  And for the most part, it met them.  I think my only problem was that I let it cook for too long and it was a bit over done.  

I leave for work so friggin' early that it's only option was to cook on low for 10 hours.  I'd do it for less time if I were you.  I think this recipe, she's got good potential.  

And sidebar...I'm not sure what I would do without green beans in my life. 

Hawaiian Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwich
from Framed

3 lb boneless skinless chicken breast
1 onion, peeled and cut into chunks
1 20 oz can pineapples, drained
20 oz bbq sauce

Place all ingredients in the crock pot.  Cook on low until chicken is done, about 8 hours.  About an hour before eating, remove the chicken breast and shred them. 

Serving size 1/2 cup (makes about 13 servings)
Points plus 4

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