Hipster Salad (Black Bean, Quinoa and Citrus Salad)

Quinoa. It's really trendy. It's kind of like brown rice's trendy cousin. The trendy cousin that lives in a big city, has all of the latest clothes, and listens to the hippest music.  The cousin that makes you feel bad about yourself at family functions.  But I don't have cousin's like that so I can't even really use that as an example. 

I can't even say it. 





Quinoa's presence in this salad is what makes this salad a hipster  salad. If it could talk, there would be witty banter.  And it would listen to LCD Soundsytem...

It's so hip, in fact, that I couldn't even get a clear picture of it.  

This recipe is from a great blog that I found through Paige's blog...go check it out if you are in to eating, living, and / or running.

Black Bean, Quinoa and Citrus

2 cans of black beans
1/2 of a red onion, chopped
2 large grapefruits, chopped
1 large red bell pepper, diced
3 ears of fresh corn, sliced from the kernels
1 cup uncooked quinoa
1 large (ripe, but firm) avocado diced
1 small bunch of cilantro
juice of three limes
2 tsp cumin
3 tbl extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp salt

Bring quinoa to a boil with three cups of water and some salt.  Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until all water is absorbed and quinoa is all fluffy.  Remove and set aside while you prepare the rest of the salad. 

Put the black beans, red onion, grapefruit, cilantro, bell pepper, avocado and corn in a large bowl and toss.

In a small bowl combine the lime juice, cumin, olive oil and salad.  

Add quinoa to the salad and then the dressing.  Toss to combine.  It makes a ton, just put it in huge zip lock.  

Serving size 1 cup (makes about 13 cups)
Points plus 5

I learned from this dish that I'm not a huge fan of grapefruits.  Avocados though?  Still love them.  Quinoa...I'll see you again sometime soon.  Hopefully in an apple cereal dish.   


  1. i am intimidated by quinoa. should i not be?


  2. Thanks for the shout out! I haven't tried quinoa yet, but I'm very tempted!