Learning, My Weekend, My Mess

So my sisters, brother in law, and nieces gave me a Nikon D3000 for my birthday.  I'm pretty sure it was Mary Kenway's idea, but I can't say for certain.  

Anyways...the big girl camera traveled to Nashville and I had a large time playing.  And realizing I didn't have a clue what I was doing with it.  I have a feeling that I'm going to have fun learning.  Here's a little of what I did.    

I turned a picture into a "sketch."  Neat.

Took a picture of this Juanita Burrita.  Funny story about this Juanita Burrita:  Lindsey and I were all dressed and ready to go to a Pure Barre class.  Upon pulling into the parking lot, Lindsey exclaimed that she had, in fact, forgotten socks for us.  So instead of going to exercise we picked up a couple of Janita Burritas from a great little coffee shop called Bongo Java.  You should try them.  It might not have been the place to eat before trying on wedding dresses but oh, well.  LIfe is short.  

I got all touristy and pulled the old girl out at Firefly at lunch.  It was a dark room, and a cold one, so this one is kind of awkward. 

But this was our app.  Hummus / pita / zucchini / magic plate.  Nice....

This was my lunch.  Grilled chicken, avocado, mango...I see a WW recipe in my future...

Here's me and Leah in Robert's

And me and Lindsey, still in Robert's.

And here we are at The Stage.  I'm not sure who that man in the background is but he looks a little peeved. This was taken by one of our new friends.  I'm not sure what her name was but she was seated with a group of ladies celebrating "Kathy's" birthday.  They loved Miranda Lambert.  This new friend was almost an enemy after I told her that she could not take Lindsey's chair when she got up from it.  She kind of bowed up at me but all was well when another chair was retrieved.  Whew.  As Lindsey said, I think she would have won the fight....


After making the long trip home (there was a hail storm involved) I was happy to see the fiance.  I was also happy to make him stand there while I snapped pictures of him in the front yard. 

Then I recruited Willard to get in on the fun.  That's Brandon's dad, FYI. 

After all of this front yard fun, I realized that I should probably stop lolly gagging around and do my dishes. 

This picture is for my friend Win who says that she loves pictures of my kitchen in absolute chaos.  She was at my house the time I accidentally got Pesto on the ceiling.   

That was my weekend. It was a great one.  How was yours?  Hopefully it was good.  And any of you photo taking peeps out there...shoot me your suggestions!  Websites, books, all that jazz. 

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