Something For Your Thursday Evening

It's hot outside.  It's only going to get hotter.

Thank goodness, the fine people at Vince's in Cleveland are scheduled to fix the air conditioner in my car tomorrow. 

God willin' and the creek don't rise. 

I'd had enough.  It was starting to get painful.  I was having to change bras when I got home for work.

Too much information?  Sorry, mom.

In celebration of me not dying of a heat stroke (yet), I think everyone in and around Leflore County should go to Turnrow Books tomorrow night for a "bloomer droppin' good time" as they showcase Carolyn Norris' new book, Spirit of the Delta. Click here to learn more about this. There will be food and toe tapping and general merriment.   

Maybe then everyone will wander next door to the Alluvian Courtyard and enjoy one or two of these....

Come on y'all.  It's hot outside.  Let's all get together and fan ourselves.   

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  1. emile's air is out too. i've refused to set foot in his car until it is fixed. it's too bleepin' hot for that. how's wedding planning going? i want some details soon, missy.