Spoiled Rotten (Not the Children's Clothing Store)

You may remember a few weeks ago where in this post, I shamelessly begged someone to make me cupcakes filled with cookie dough topped with marshmallow frosting.  Well......

Yes.  Ask and ye shall receive.  Turns out it works with asking for this enough times on your blog, too. Thanks again, Chick and Jen and BJ and Alex and Mary Kenway!  

But all joking aside, my better-than-I-deserve family and friends and fiance spoiled me absolutely rotten this year.  And I'm not talking about gifts (even though they were pretty freaking cool).  I'm talking more about the love that I felt that day. And not just by the people that I was with, but by the people that sent love from afar. 

It's days like yesterday that I will carry with me forever, to times when the sun maybe doesn't shine so bright, and I need reminding how lucky and blessed that I am.  To remind me that no matter what happens, people are in my corner and will be there for me...in good times and bad. That's why birthdays are cool...people squeal for you.

I believe I'm getting more tender in my 29th year.  I promise to be back soon with sarcasm.  It's been kind of a sappy week. 

But back to the cupcakes.  Chickey made them for me and brought them to dinner last night.  She's quite right brained, loves the science and the chemistry and the pharmacy and usually doesn't do a whole lot of baking.  I believe I heard her say "nervous breakdown" a few times and I bet if we all ask her nicely in the comment section of this post, she would share her baking adventure in a guest post....

Thank you to everyone that helped me celebrate my birthday!  You rock.       

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