You're Probably Alright Right Now

I am a worrier.  Quite the fretful thing, in fact.  Here's a good example of my fretfulness.  It was a conversation held between myself, and two of my co workers, Kizzy and Ginny.  And this is paraphrased, mind you.

Kizzy:  I'm going to Grenada Lake this weekend.  I haven't been there since my uncle drowned there.  He must've caught a cramp or something while he was swimming. 

Me:  Oh my gosh, really?  That's something else for me to worry about. (And notice my lack of empathy as I completely focus on myself...rude.)

Ginny: (popping her head around the corner) What did you just say?

Me:  I said that catching a cramp while swimming and then drowning is something else for me to worry about.

Ginny.  OK.  That's what I thought you said, just making sure (shakes her head and walks away.)

Let's think about this realistically.  I don't often catch cramps (aside from that charlie horse last week) and I really don't spend a lot of time swimming in large bodies of water.  If I'm swimming chances are I'm in a swimming pool and someone would be able to rescue me if I did, in fact, catch a cramp.  

Enter this article from Psychology Today.  It's a great article with some great points.  Here's an excerpt:

"But take a close look at this moment, right now. You are probably alright: No one is attacking you, you are not drowning, no bombs are falling, there is no crisis. It's not perfect, but you're OK."

Makes sense, huh?  I'm fine, right now.  Life's not perfect, it never is, but in this moment...I'm good.  Click here to go to the article in it's entirety.

And stay tuned for creamed spinach!

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