A Few on Friday

Chances are, while you are reading this, me and my soon to be Mister and heading down south, and then west to Lake Charles for a friend's wedding.  And chances are, that was a poorly punctuated sentence.  And you should have seen how I spelled "sentence" before I spell checked it.

I've been driving a lot over the last few weeks.  Greenwood, Charleston, Ruleville....a bunch of two lane roads and minimal cell phone service.  Thank goodness that my HUGE cd book still hangs out in my car.  I've been listening to such old favorites as Ben Folds, Freakwater, Ani DiFranco

It's amazing the power that music has to bring up memories and remind you where you've been.  I don't know about you but I went through one hell of a "weird stage." That's what I and those close to me call it.  Weird it was.  I was dark, moody, bitter....really any other word you want to use to describe someone who is generally unpleasant to be around.  I wore really unflattering clothes and even tried to give myself dreadlocks once.  Just thinking about it kind of makes me grit my teeth and make a strange noise.  I think i've shared about it before.  But I have no regrets and I'm not (too) embarrased about it.  I think that going through times that are hard make me appreciate the beauty in life more. 

It also allowed me to really turn my sarcasm into an art.  And it gives my close friends / family something to laugh about, so that's good. 

Here's one of my favorite Ani songs.  I couldn't help but smile and turn it up, way up when it came on.  Ani got me through some hard times.  Hey Lauren....this one's for you! And if you're not familiar with Ani, she can be kind of raw....just so you know.

I'm in the market for a new bag.  A big one, please.  One that's big enough to put my camera case in. I can't take the picture if I don't have my camera with me.  How's about this one? 

 find it here

Yes, I'll take it.

As I write here I'm trying extra hard to be aware of my core, my breathing, and whether or not my belly button is hugging my spine.  All of this while i'm trying to push back on the floor in an attempt to keep the floor from pushing me over.  In other words, I went to my first pilates class on Tuesday night.  It was at the Alluvian spa and I was quite pleased.  Sore, but pleased.  I know I'm about 4 years late to the whole Pilates thing.  And I can't even blame it on my small town....Studio A has been operating for quite some time.  I can only blame it on laziness.  And fear of public exercise.  And a few other things that I will not go into.  And you should be glad that I didn't subject you to the entire post I had written on this topic.  It was to be called "The Taming of the Fat Pouch."  Ya'll really dodged a bullet on that one.      

Let's close out with this friendship bracelet.  I'll take that, too, while we're shopping on Etsy...

find it here

 Cute huh?  Thank you, Pinterest for making "the wants" increase 38 fold. 

Happy 4th of July weekend to all!  I hope it's safe AND awesom! 

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