A Few on Friday


I'm having scattered thoughts today.  Which is really no different than any other day.  So anyway. 

I want to sew this tomorrow.  And I just might.  A beach bag.  Since I'm going to the beach in THREE WEEKS.  Can't even handle it...

find it here

Found it on the pinterest.  Geeze, I love that pinterest.  It's a good way to really tell what you are interested in.  Turns out I'm interested in food and blue shoes as many of my "pins" are, well, food and blue shoes.  Don't you think I need these for my wedding? 

find it here

Those are blue, right? 

And this is amazing, right?

find it here

A problem with Pinterest is you go to look at one thing and then seven hours later you end up developing the wants for some strange outdoor bed contraption. 

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!  I'm off to renew my car tag.....jealous? 

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