A Few on Friday

We had us a rain storm this week.  It was nice, it's been hot here.  The earth needed a drink.  And apparently, the tree in my front yard needed to shed some weight.

It's huge.  Brandon and I had to drag it to the street.  And then I made Brandon go back outside and pretend like he was dragging it again so I could snap pictures.  But then my camera battery died and I was not able to get any with him pretending to drag...only got a single shot of the branchy beast.  

Speaking of snapping pictures, I've been trying to make a point to take the camera with me everywhere.  Here's one I snapped last night while playing a lively game of dominoes.  There was very little (actually no) natural light so I did auto, no flash, then made it black and white. I'm pleased with this shot.  Captures the raw emotion that is dominoes. 

Yeah, we're playing dominoes.  I freaking love dominoes.  And yes, Brandon is his Cruger-Tchula hat on backwards.  He wears that hat backwards to keep his curls to a low roar.  That hair gets BIG.  It fascinates me and my hay-straight hair. 

Fun fact time.  Did you know that a watermelon left to it's own devices in a refrigerator for too long will eventually start to smell like tequila?  I sure didn't.  I snapped a picture of said rotten watermelon as well, but decided against sharing it with you fine people this morning.  

You can thank me later.  It was nasty. 


What's not nasty is Minty Cool Meltaway Cookies.  I've never had them, so I can't say for sure, but they look pretty amazing.  They sit patiently on my "Non WW" Pinboard, waiting for the day where I throw points to the wind and cook them up.  I love mint with all that I am.

One day....

But not today. 

But we mustn't fret.  No, not today.  We can't!  Not on Rex Manning Day!

Can anyone name that movie?? 

Happy Friday.  Take care and stay cool this weekend!


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