A Few on Friday

Hey ya'll!

I'm just sitting here, eating a scrambled egg + egg white sandwich (4 points plus on 2 slices of light wheat bread, just in case you count), drinking some coffee, and waiting to hit the road and meet my mom and Chick for a big day of wedding dress trying on.  Sister Jennifer wont be able to be with us, but she'll be there in spirit and in technology. 

If you pray, and would like to pray for me, please pray for the following:
  1. That I don't have a self esteem/body image/foot stomping fit.
  2. That I remain patient.
  3. That the dress of my dreams doesn't cost $38,000. 
Can you tell I'm not a good shopper?  I'm not.  But I'm excited.  Like waaaaay excited about the day ahead.  Wish me luck!

I feel like it's time for new exercise shoes.  I'm on week 7 of the Jeff Galloway running program; I've been on these shoes more in the last 7 weeks than I have been in the last 3 years.  I've had the shoes for three yes, yes it's true.  So it's time, wouldn't you say? 

Do you have exercise shoes that you love?  I'm so intrigued by these.  Not saying I'd buy them but I sure as heck want to try them on. If nothing else, they would entertain me when I looked down at my feet.  

Has anyone seen this?

It's the No Heat Curl.  This image has been floating around the pinterest boards for a while and I think I might need to try it.  Is there hope for my hay straight hair?  Find the tutorial here

And speaking of Pinterest, let's wrap this up with a Pinterest image that I just saw and think is great.  Makes me so very excited about next weekend.  I'll be at the beach with some of the most wonderful, and strangest, people in the land.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

find it here

Happiest of Fridays to you all.  Hope it's a great weekend!


  1. I am glad I can report all prayers were answered (minus the tension between Pegs and Frenchie), and you got an AMAZING dress!!

  2. how did the dress shopping go? i think i've found mine!

    those shoes are for people who are used to running barefoot, and they provide no support whatsoever. i overheard this at buffalo peak outfitters several weeks ago. e and i both have new balance super light running shoes, and i love them. mine are pink and black.