I Need YOU!

Are you a points counter?  Or maybe just a generally healthy eater?  Do you know how to leave a comment on a blog?

Great!  Now's your time to share...

A just got off of the phone with someone who will remain nameless who is planning on starting the counting of the points tomorrow and was trying to get ready and fired up. 

This is where you come in.  What do you eat for breakfast?  Snacks?  What's a typical lunch?  What do you do to get through snacky times? 

I get in food ruts easily and while they are safe and work for me, they might not be appealing to others. 

Come on....share what you've got!!

And since you're sharing with me, I'll share this Beyonce video with you.  Aaaaand I think I've shared it before.  Really just trying to make myself get off the couch and dance along since I ate supper waaaaaaay to late and need to move it around a little before hitting the hay. 

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  1. Okay, so I don't do weight watchers but I try to be mindful of what I'm eating. One thing that helps me is to be "nutrient minded." Instead of thinking "what sort of healthy snack can I eat?", I ask myself "what is the most nutrient rich thing I can eat?" I don't know why but somehow I like the latter question better. Healthy snacks always seems less satisfying. Seeking out nutrient rich foods seems more exciting and in the end leads me to better choices.

    Also, if I find myself really hungry at certain times of the day for multiple days in a row, then I try to back up and pattern meals a little better. Example: I started eating eggs {for the protein} with toast for breakfast because a muffin just wasn't holding me over. Now I feel less desire to snack b/t breakfast and lunch.

    Also, I'm really bad about skimping on breakfast and lunch because I'm holding out for dinner, my favorite meal. When I do this, things get really ugly and I find myself eating an entire box of cheese its.