K. Urb Challenge (Day 1)

My mom (Peggers) is a HUGE Keith Urban fan.  Like, HUGE.  It is for this reason that in 12 days me and the sisters are loading up and heading to Nashville for one of his concerts.  While my outfit is already picked out, I'm afraid I don't really know any of his songs.

We all know that attending a concert is much more enjoyable when you can sing along with everyone else.  I hate missing a group sing along because I don't know the words. 

This is why, friends, I am starting the K. Urb Challenge.  I am going to attempt to learn as many songs as I can before we go and I invite you to join me.  Keith maybe isn't your style...that's ok, he's not really mine either.  However, his songs get your toes a tappin' and your sholdies a' rollin.  There are love songs, partyin' songs, break up songs...I'm sure you'll find at least ONE you'd like to listen to. 

First up...Without You

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