K. Urb Challenge (Day 2)

So today's K. Urb challenge is, well, not much of a challenge.  This is the first Keith Urban song that I ever knew was a Keith Urban song.  Peggers introduced it to me on a car ride one day from Jackson to Greenwood.  If memory serves me right, we were right outside of Belzoni and it was raining something awful. 

Torrential down pours couldn't keep Peggers from singing.  And waving her finger around.  That might have happened. 

I know some of the words, especially the "take your cat and leave my sweater" part, but could always use a refresher. 

And here's an interesting fact...this is Pegger's favorite Keith Urban video.  Now you know. 

Keith Urban "You'll Think of Me"

It's worth mentioning that I have no idea what to do with song titles, book titles, movie titles, etc.  So I'm just going to do what feels right in the moment. 

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