Revisiting an Old Favorite (Chicken Parmesan)

This one is not new.  It's one that Brandon always requests and I usually try to honor said request.  He's such a good sport about eating sometimes strange things that I like to make the guy chicken Parmesan every once in a while. I've figured out that I enjoy making it much more if I make it on a Sunday or Saturday or other day when there's not a whole lot going on.  It's not that it's hard, just takes a while.  

So I'm not going to re post the recipe.  You can go to this page if you'd like to see it again.  Or you can go to this old blog post.  Just know that the points plus value has changed to 8 points plus.  

What I will do is post pics of the process. Because that's fun.  And festive. 

They've just been been dredged in bread crumbs and cooked a few minutes on each side.  The red sauce is to the left of the chicken.  But you can't see it.  But wait for it....

Oh here's the sauce.  Notice the steam.  It's HOT. 

Aaaaannnnnnd there's the cheese.  My personal favorite part.

Now everything has come together.  Pasta comes to this party and is always welcome. 

So there you go. 

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