What I've Been Eatin'

Anyone who has even done any type of weight loss / weight management / general lifestyle change knows that variety is KEY

All of the times in the past where I've lost weight and gained it back usually happened because I got bored.  And tired of counting.  And lazy.  Or maybe it was Christmas.  Or I went out of town.  Or someone invited me to Pizza Inn. 

Wait, what?  Sorry I got distracted. 

So here are a few little things I've been enjoying lately that have been spicing up my eating / points counting.   

Amy's Black Bean Burritos

I'm one of those people that is easily convinced by packaging; the fact that this has organic and non dairy on it a few times, i figure it's fine.  For 7 points plus, it makes a great lunch on the go.  It's filling and tasty and is just fine cooked in the microwave.  Just make sure that you don't wrap it up in a napkin...I may or may not have spent about ten minutes peeling napkin away from my burrito.  Go for a sturdy paper towel.  And find it in the frozen food section of your local grocers freezer; I think they run around 2$ a piece. 

Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies

Yeah, just turn your head.  Not sure why the picture is like that.  I had to run to the grocery store one morning before work and get grapes (it was a necessity) when I realized that I not only forgot my lunch (how i wound up with the Annie's burrito) but also had nothing for breakfast.  I decided to give these beauties a try.  Brownies for breakfast!  Please and thank you.  One brownie is 2 points plus, 2 brownies for 5 points plus.  They are sweet and delightful and 2 kept me full all morning.  Now, I know they are probably processed to hell and back but they worked for me in a pinch.  And did I mention they were awesome?  Find them with the pop tarts / cereal bars in your grocery.  And I just found that on Amazon you can get 38 of them for 24.99$.  Would you judge me if I ordered brownies from Amazon? I hope not. 

Special K Sea Salt Cracker Chips

Check out that awesome serving size!  And see how they kind of look like heaven is shining down upon them?  They really satisfy that chip craving with a good, salty, crunch.  My plan for tonight's date to the Mexican restaurant?  Pack a little ziplock in my purse to enjoy these with salsa.  Oh yeah, I'm totally going to be that girl.  Because being left out of the chips and salsa portion of the evening freaking STINKS.  I found these in the cracker section of my grocery.  Don't remember how much they were. 30 chips for 3 points plus. 

I also have been making sure this summer to enjoy fresh fruits.  Grapes are what I'm digging this week.  Red, seedless ones to be exact.   

So what are your snacks?  How do you keep variety in your food life? 


  1. those special K snacks are AWESOME. I have them in my desk at work. LOVE.


  2. Well, I am jealous that you live in a town that has a Pizza Inn. My favorite dessert in the WORLD is their chocolate chip pizza. That is the one and only thing that I can NEVER turn down!!! Sorry for the caps, but that's how much I love that ooey gooey goodness!!!!!

  3. i don't have a single problem with that burrito. that will be my next frozen meal.

  4. amy's cheese enchiladas are the bomb!