Eat Your Heart Out, Crystal Grill

I will get buck over a hot ham and cheese.


Unfortunately, a restaurant style ham and cheese will cost you about 9 points plus.  In reality, it's probably more than that.  Especially one from the Crystal Grill.  they don't play when it comes to mayonnaise. 

Well.  In my attempt to get back on the WW track hard and heavy, I decided to do a hot ham and cheese of my own last night.  Aside from burning the bread...it was pretty dang good.

It breaks down like this:

two slices of light wheat bread (2 pp)
two slices of deli ham (1 pp)
one slice of Kraft 2% American cheese (1pp)
1 tsp of reduced fat mayonnaise (0 pp)
sliced tomatoes (0 pp)
lettuce (0 pp)

Which brings us to a grand total of 4 pp for the whole deal.  Be sure to toast that bread and get the ham and cheese all warm and melty. 

Heck yeah! 

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  1. We ate at the crystal grill a few weeks ago. I had the club sandwich. It was HUGE. I think I got 2 1/2 meals out of it. So yummy.

    Love some hot ham and cheese. Meryl, Win, and I used to order them at Stareka. We went so often that we just told the waiter to bring us "the usual".