A Few on Friday

It's BAAAAAACK!  Few on Friday that is.

Every year I say "This summer I'm going on a camping / canoeing trip" and every year it doesn't happen.  This picture, though, makes me want to put it on the 2012 calendar for shi-zure. 

find it here

Doesn't that look the relaxing to the max? 

Speaking of relaxed to the max...

Check out that precious child. I often feel the same way about getting up and going to work, Baby Girl A.  It's tough being almost two, huh? The picture is a bit blurry, but yes that's an Ole Miss nightgown.  The poor child is going to be so confused, living in Starkville with her slightly fanatical-about-Ole-Miss father.  

Bless her.  

And bless Frye.  I've never owned a pair but maybe, just maybe, this is my season.  Wait, what?  I'm getting married?  Which means no Frye boots for me?  Weddings off!  Just kidding.  It's not.  But I do want these boots.  Maybe I'll register for them! 

   find it here (and buy it there too, just FYI) (Size 7.5) (Gray) (Thanks)

Fiddlesticks on you, Pinterest, for giving me the wants!

But it's cool. And it's Friday.  And it's Keith Urban tomorrow! I bet I'll be just fine. 

Cheers to the freakin' weekend, friends.  Do something fun!

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