A Few on Friday

Hey peeps!  Happy Friday!  This is the first Friday I've actually been at work in quite some time, it's quite the adjustment. 

Look at this darling-ness.  Chickey surprised me with it last weekend while we were in anthropologie. Well what really happened was that she walked up, grinning, and handed me a bag in the middle of the store.  I got all awkward and refused to touch / look at the bag out of fear that it was a Smirnoff Ice  and I was about to get iced again. Turns out it wasn't a Smirnoff Ice but a lovely coffee mug with an "m" for my soon to be last name. 

Love a coffee mug.  And love sharp in the front, blurry in the back.  And business in the front, party in the back.  Which is also known as a mullet.

Coffee mugs make me think of fall.  I'm not sure why, but they do.  Or maybe I'm thinking of fall because a co-worker and I are discussing fall and how ready we are for it. 

More specifically, ready to wrap up in some cardigans and wear some boots. 

find it here

I love a wrap from Victoria's Secret. And I love how sassy this woman looks in her wrap.  I don't plan to look that sassy. 

Tell you what's sassy....

 find it here

An eternity scarf.  I have found instructions for sewing them...as soon as i finish the project(s) I'm working on now, I plan to tackle it.  Anyone got any fabric suggestions?  I'd love an ikat. 

Speaking of do it yourself...I've recently discovered Paper Source.  I'm a fan...

find it here

You may or may not receive correspondence from me in the future with this guy stamped on it.

We'll sea.

Happy weekend, here's some Spoon.



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