Ham Arms and the 100 Day Challenge

Guess what?


Mine and Brandon's wedding is 100 days away. 


I guess I should buckle down and get to checking some things off of some lists....

One area that needs addressing is the toning of the arms. 

At Peggy's request, I did try on a few long sleeve dresses while wedding dress shopping.  And Peggy will agree, I did not look like Kate Middleton. Sooooo my arms will be exposed in all their glory during the nuptuals. 

I'm fine with my size, I'm fine with my weight.  I do some sort of physical exercise pretty much every day so I'm a pretty fit gal. 

But those arms. 

There's a picture that was taken of me on the day that I got my wedding dress; Frenchie (have I told you about Frenchie yet?) had me stand on the big wooden stair case to get a better idea of what the dress looks like.  One particular angle made my arm look like a big 'ole honey ham attached to my shoulder, resting gently against my side.  

Oh, my.  We must do something about this.  

I'd hate for Mr. Will Jacks to have to spend all of December trying to photo shop my arms....

My old exercise routine used to be doing the Wii Active 30 Day Challenge Routines, usually five times a week.  This exercise program worked great, i felt toned and all that jazz.  I mean i didn't have a six pack but things were pretty high and tight, if you know what I mean. Problem is I just got a little burned out on it.  I also have done Jillian, one that lots of people swear by.  I like it, it works, but it sure does aggrivate my trick knee

So what to do?  I can go to the local yoga class...absolutely.  That will work.  So will the pilates DVD that Lindsey let me borrow.  But what else? 

How about this?

Has anyone tried it?  You can read a review about it here. And it got great reviews on Amazon as well. 

I think I'll get it.  Maybe you should, too.  Not because you have ham arms, but because I think for things to be a group effort.

Me and my ham arms are signing off.  



  1. Try pilatesanytime.com. I adore pilates. It's all I do now, that website has probably 300+ varied workouts that were filmed live in LA. Tracey Mallett is especiallygood, they also have arm targeting classes. You'll look beautiful!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! I'm pumped about trying that site. Dizz, group effort it is. I saw a hint of a ham arm dangling by my side in the stb pics...