I've Got Fans in Low Places

One of the reasons that I spend so little time spell checking this blog is that I figure not that many people, aside from my family and close friends, actually read it. 

Wehehehell.  Turns out I've got some fans from the great state of Louisiana!  Heck yeah!

Let's switch conversations for a minute and talk about the Florabama.  It's a magical place. Between the bushwackers, the braziers hung across the ceiling, and the insanely awesome burgers...I just might move in. Don't even get me started on the spontaneous conga lines. 

I was fortunate enough to spend a little time there over the weekend while at the beach last weekend and it did not disappoint.  The coolest thing, though, had to be meeting these two gals from Baton Rouge. 

Heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy ya'll!!!

Meet Anna and Katie...faithful readers of DTE and lovers of recipes involving biscuits.  Anyone remember this one and this one

We got a nice visit in, or rather we all screeched about something or other while jumping up and down.  Please pardon the shiny faces and the fact that I look like a crazy person...it was the Florabama after all. 

I mean look at that...it looks like I'm a puma about to attack something.

Good times, good times. 

Yay for biscuits! And for meeting new friends!  And for the Florabama!

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