A Rap About Whales

Once upon a time, my mom was a substitute teacher. 

She often shared with us her stories from the battle lines, one stands out to me and has been ringing through my ears all week.

I'm sewing some cuffed pants for a friend of mine; one of the fabrics has little whales all over it. This doesn't have much to do with anything other than staring at this fabric is what triggered this particular memory.   

On one particular subsitute teaching day, Pegs found herself listening to reports given by the students.  Lucky for her, one of the kids had decided to give his report on whales.  And he didn't just speak his report, oh hell no.  He rapped it. 

Went a little something like this..

"Whales are big, uh huh, I said whales are big uh huh. Say what say what?  Whales are big uh huh, whales are big uh huh!"

Good stuff, that whale report. 

I'm bettin' that kid went places...

That is all.