A Shout Out to My Salad Spinner

During a move, one often re-finds treasures that they had forgotten about. 

For example...my salad spinner. 

Dude. Salad spinners are awesome.  But you know what's more awesome?  This music video for Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round. It's everything that is amazing about the 1980s. 

But I digress.  Back to salad spinners.  Most days at work I run down to the cafeteria at the hospital in hopes of getting myself a side salad.  Regardless of what I eat for lunch, I usually like to pair it with a salad and some fat free Italian dressing.  This way, I know I'm getting a veggie.  Ok so yeah it's a bowl of almost white lettuce but you get what I'm saying.  

So sometimes I get a salad, and sometimes they're all gone when I get there.  

Why don't I just make my own salad you may be wondering?  Because washing and drying lettuce is for the birds.  


There's a salad spinner situation.  

Then you can make your own salad exactly how you like it.  My Tuesday salad was lettuce (0), 1 tbl fat free Italian dressing (0), onions and tomatoes (both 0) and 1 tbl of Parmesan cheese (1).  Done and done.


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