Thanks, Freddie.

Since late yesterday afternoon, I've been a bit whiny.  Whiny because I'm tired, it's hot, and I haven't had enough "me" time lately.  Now granted...I've been gone the last two weekends because (a) I was on my bachelorette party with some of the greatest and kindest and fun people on the planet and (b) I was in Nasvhille with my two sisters, mom, and Keith Urban.  Well I wasn't exactly with him, but I did watch him live and in concert.  Which was great, by the way. 

Ok so yeah, self centered-ness is one of my demons.  As is, according to my sister, laziness.  This statement was made because I didn't drive any in Nashville.  Trust me Chickey, no one wants this girl driving on I 40.  And if I would have driven...who would you have messed with while sitting in the back seat?  Sisters.  Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. 

Back to my point.  So I had my lip poked out because I was tired and was wishing this week away so that it could hurry up and be the weekend so that I could get some much needed, much deserved rest. 

Enter life being cool.  This was written on the white board in the group room when I got to work this morning.

Bam.  In your face, Laura Merrill. 

Freddie, a co-worker and an all around wise man, wrote this for the group members to think on and talk about.  I'm thankful that he did. 

I love moments that remind me to live my life while I can. Life is short and we never know what's coming next.  So there you go. 

However, an introvert is an introvert regardless of whether  they are embracing life or not...so I plan to chill out and recharge in the coming weeks.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming months; lots of changes and new things that will be an exciting mixture of fun and terrifying.  I plan to face them head on.  And do what I can, while I can, because I can. 

So what does this have to do to with you?  Well I'm probably going to chill out on the new recipe posting for a little bit. Stop crying. We'll see how it goes.  Chances are I'll get a good nights rest tonight and change my mind but at this point...I can't say for sure. 

I feel like we're all friends here and didn't just want to check out without any explanation.  I thought that might be rude.  See....not that self centered, eh? 

Thanks for reading, hope your week is great.  And I hope you'll share how you recharge when you get spent! 

P.S.  I had this for supper last night...you should give it a try!  I prepared it just as SB instructed, using 2 tsp of canola oil to cook the onions.  I didn't take pics because my camera battery was dead and I didn't calculate the points because I'm lazy. 


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  1. That quote. Love it.

    Hope seeing Keith Urban was fun!
    BTW...Thanks for the babysitting list. We worked something out. It was a great weekend in Greenwood.