A Few on Friday


Hope you're having a good day thus far.  Me, I'm good. Thanks for asking. 

Just flipping through my latest WW mag and getting excited.  There's some good stuff in there.  Like Smoky Beef Goulash and Cavatelli with Shrimp.  Fall food, guys.  Means that soup time is upon us (almost).  Also means that it's almost Crock-tober, which is awesome.



I'm also sorry that I didn't realize that every time I "pin" something, it lets all of the facebook know.  That's kind of embarrassing.  Or funny, depends on where you are with  your attitude today.

Speaking of funny...

This was on Conan a few nights ago and I absolutely could not handle how funny it was.  Have you seen it?  Oh please watch it.  It is so funny.  Those two guys are some of my favorites.

If Christopher Mathis was in this sketch, I would die.  

I love to laugh.  Who doesn't?

And who doesn't love Art Alfresco?  It's that time of year again...delta folks mark your calendars for October 6 at 5 pm.  Fun stuff, that Art Alfresco.  So is the Holiday Open House...but we're not there yet.  One thing at a time. 

What else?

I'm going to the big city of Jackson this afternoon to kick it with the Chickey and to see a band I'm hoping to book for the weddin'.  I'm pumped and have been hard at work making my "Jackson List." You know.  All the stuff I can't get in Greenwood...like make-up and slip covers.  God bless you, Target. 

And God bless YOU, dear reader-friends. I hope you have a great weekend! 

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