A Few on Friday

Hey ya'll!  Happy Friday!  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...and this commercial is still hi-larious.

That kill me every time. 

Speaking of things that kill, I want to make this so bad I could die.  Not really. That's a little extreme, to say I want to make something so bad I could die.  I just like for things to flow. 

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What up, creamy tortellini soup? Looks like goodness in a bowl to me.  Mary Neff and I were discussing what soups would be made to kick off soup season...this one is mine for sure.  What's yours?  These things are important to think about, you know. 

It's also important to have a good yoga mat.  Why, you ask?  Well. I'm a week into doing Pilates Anytime and I have quite the sore rear.  TMI? Sorry. 

But seriously, all those curls and roll ups have left me quite sore and thinking about a better mat. 

Maybe a thick one like this one from Amazon.  Yoga mat fairy...you there?  It worked with the skinny cords that time, maybe it will work with the yoga mat.

But speaking of Anytime Pilates...that's some good stuff. Lindsay told me about it...I've done 4 classes and am quite pleased.  There's all different types of classes, lengths of classes, and levels of classes.  The instructors are pretty good, they give good cues and I've found that I don't even have to really look at my computer when I'm doing the exercises.  I did a 12 minute ab workout this morning, it was quick yet felt effective.  A few I'm looking forward to trying: the Booty Barre classes and the Rhythm Pilates classes

There I go, talking about backsides again.  I'm being tacky today.  

Of course, these classes aren't near as good as being in an actual studio class.  I say studio class  like I'm an old Pilates pro, but you get my drift.  The Alluvian Spa has wonderful classes and even better instructors...I still plan to do drop in classes when I can.  But in a pinch...this Pilates Anytime jazz seems cool.

Let me know if you try it, have tried it, plan to try it...would love to know the instructors / classes you have enjoyed!  And thanks Lindsay for the suggestion!

Anyone else feel like sewing.  Ok, yeah, I figured it was just me.  I think it's something about the cooler weather.  I'm working on some baby blankets this fall and probably wont have time for much else.  However...I spied this tutorial this morning and would love to try a baby quilt.  For one of the 65 of my friends that are currently with child. 

I think I shall try it.  Go here for the link to the tutorial. And feel free to cut me out some fabric squares in the shape of a CD case and send them my way.  Just if you feel froggy. Awesome. 



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  1. Catching up on blogs and just saw this- isn't it awesome?! So glad you like it. Tracey Mallett rocks, but one sore booty follows. The one with the little ball is my fav. I can truly say pilates has changed my shape, I'm a believer! I also kinda love that there are no shoes involved. Also love Julian littleford but he is TOUGH. Yay! Would love to hear updates and other recommendations!