A Few on Friday

Happy day guys!

Hope it's been a good week.  Me, I'm one tired cookie and am looking very forward to the weekend. 

I'm glad some folks are going for the giveaway!  I'm even more glad that people are telling all of their dark and dirty spelling secrets.

I guess becoming a better speller is all the rage right now...

I am guilty of most of these, including the rest of the ones on this site, on a daily hourly minutely basis. Oh, how I love a snarky reference. And I shall start writing aporkchop on this blog. 

How bout them apples?

That reminds me of my mom.  She likes to say "how bout them apples?" kind of sassy like.  She also likes to pick out sassy dresses for my rehearsal dinner.  Both of these are good things.

You know what else is a good thing?  An occasion where 80s dress up is required.  Now, I'm missing Lindsey's light up dance floor birthday blow out this weekend.  This is in no way cool, but the weekend will be made a little brighter with 80s dress up gear.  How you ask?  Well the GLYP is sponsoring a water station at the 300 Oaks Race tomorrow morning and I'll be  helping out.  There are two requirements.  1) You be there at 7am and 2) You dress in 1980s workout gear.  Guess which one I'm the most excited about....

I just signed on this afternoon.  This is unfortunate as I would've had a much better outfit had there been time to hunt.  I did stop at Wal Mart after work for leggings and a large sweatshirt...kind of felt like shopping for a dress up pep rally in high school.  

How fun were those?  


Anywho.  This is who I'll be channelling...minus the speed addiction, of course.  


I'm sorry, but that episode is amazing.

And so are you, dear friends!  Have a great weekend! 

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