A Few on Friday

Happy Fall, Ya'll! 

Sorry.  I couldn't resist.  "Fall" and "ya'll" are just way to easy.    

But a happy time it is.  I'm with the majority on this one...bring on cooler weather, fire pits, boots, snuggies, and scarves.  All of these make me a happy, happy girl.  

You know what else makes me a happy, happy girl? Dips.  Mary Neff asked me to bring a dip to a party in a few weeks.  I was afraid I'd hit my dip wall as I really couldn't think of what I could bring.  Well, again, PTL for Pinterest as it got my thinking and googling and led me to this treasure trove of dippies. 

Made me say yippie. 

Yes, I'm on my own nerves today with this rhyming. But I just can't stop.  

I've honed in on a few and am looking forward to giving them a try.

You know what else I want to try?  Working on my food pictures.  I'm picking up a foam board from the wal mart today and will be rummaging through my fabric stash for some festive prints.  To bad i struggle to find good natural light AND the days are getting shorter.  But I shall prevail.  

Sorry, that song always makes me feel like prevailing and uprising and taking down the man.  But I'm just trying to get good at taking food pics so all of that probably isn't needed...

What is needed is some new makeup in my life.  Good thing I've got a weddin' coming up and have a justification.  I'm hoping to journey to a city sometime in the future and check out the Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection.

I adore this look.  I want it all.  Mom, are these my colors?  Hope they are.  You can learn more about it, or buy some for me yourself here.

OK I've got to back to fall for just a second.  Check this out...

Find it here

Who's with me??  It's a Bourbon pumpkin milkshake.  Be still, my heart! How Sweet It Is, you never cease to amaze me. 
Speaking of amazement, hope your weekend is full of it!  Enjoy it!

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