How about a giveaway? 

I figure that the Pioneer Woman is always doing them, so I might as well too.  Because we are on the same level...me and the Pioneer Woman. My cooking show and romance novel should be coming out any day now.  Wait for it.  Waaaaaait for it....

So what to give away?  I've thought about a few things.  Thought I might do some wine glasses after the exciting discovery of good boxed wine (more on that soon).  Then I thought I'd get you something nice from the Missoni Line for Target...but we all know how that turned out yesterday

So what?  

Well this is what. 

How have you felt about the recent recipes?  Lots of them have been from the Weight Watchers magazine.  Love that magazine with all that I am.  And you would, too.  If you had it. 

You should get it! 


You should enter this giveaway, win it, and I'll send you a one year subscription!  What, what?  That's right.  Here's how it breaks down...

Leave a comment on this post saying what word you always misspell.  Or if you're someone who doesn't misspell anything, you can leave a comment saying what your favorite thing is that I misspell.  Or you could just say "hello." Whatever is fine with me. 

You can also become a follower and tell five friends about the 'ole Elevator.  That wont get you any extra points, but it would just be cool.  Wouldn't you love it if I got a sponsorship and could stay at home all day with my crock pot and my lap top?

The giveaway will run for one week and will end on Wednesday, September the 21st at 8 am.  This will be the morning after my first hair coloring experience since going red freshman year of collage (college), just FYI. I will announce the winner and then you can email me your mailing address and I'll get you all set up, cool?

So why should you want this magazine?  Because it's not just about weight watchers.  Yes, it's a lot about "points" and success stories related to people that count points, but it also has quick and healthy meals, exercise information, and health tips.  They also talk about dressing your body and gaining self confidence.  It's a good thing.  

However, if you don't like the WW Magazine, the alternate prize is the Real Simple Magazine.  I also love that one with all that I am.  If you don't want either one of those then head on over to the Pioneer Women...she's giving away an iPad.    


  1. The word I have the most trouble spelling is "definitely." I only got it right here because I checked it on predictive text :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Oh oh oh I want WW magazine. I have trouble spelling "truly." I always think it's "truely."

  3. Restaurant! (I had to spell check that one to post! :)) Something about all those crazy a's! :)

  4. you ALWAYS misspell College and it drives me crazy! But i love you anyway. - Swayze

  5. Just started WW with my husband... I have loved your recipes and would love the magazine... I always have the hardest time with "recipe".

  6. I am still not over the fact that I misspelled "ego" in the fourth grade spelling bee. Maybe that explains why I'm so hard on you. But I am looking forward to flipping through my new ww mag while listening to some good ol collage football this fall....

  7. Oh LIndsey I can relate!! I misspelled which, because I thought the teacher calling out the words WHICH may or may not have been my mom said witch. I was asked to sit down in the spelling bee...I bet I would have made it to nationals!!!

  8. I misspell too many words to even decide what is the most common. Love all the recipes you have been posting lately.

  9. I spell avocado wrong... Not that I typically write about them very often, but when I do I always mess up!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  10. Embarrass is one that I misspell often. Just last week, I took the word out of my sentence and replaced it with the phrase, "willing to make a fool of myself!" Thanks for the giveaway...I'm here from the spoonful blog.

  11. You are an inspiration!
    Leslie F.

  12. when i worked at b&r in high school, i had to make graduation cakes saying "conGRADulations!". I always thought that's how the word was spelled, the play on letters totally went over my head. sadly, i didn't realize i spelled congratulations incorrectly most of my life until becoming a teacher.

  13. I use to always have trouble with "tomorrow", but I finally got that down pat. "Restaurant" gets me every time. Like right now I have no idea if I spelled it correctly.