A Poem for the Birthday Ghi

My best ghi has a voicemail that's not yet set up,
So I'm taking it the the blog to give her a "S'UP!?"

It's a special day for L-Dog, you see.
She's turning the big, exciting, perhaps scary thir-tee!

No, not scary for this L-Dog.
She's such a bad-a that she would scare a hog.

Scare a hog? Maybe not.  That might be too much.
But she's a really good speller, reader, writer and such.

But that's not all, she's one I adore.
Time spent with her is never a bore.

She loves pure barre and sushi and 'tinis, that's right;
And sometimes experiments with lipstick that is bright.

That's not true, was just trying to rhyme. 
I guess I'm just saying that at 30 she will shine.

I love you, L-Dog, more than you know. 
I'm grateful for your friendship, that is fo sho.

I hope your day is better than all of the rest.
And you get to do things that you love the best!

Happy Birthday, ghi!  Set your voicemail up!


  1. Love it!!!! Thanks for the birthday shout out! Oh, and the experimenting with bright lipstick thing is actually true...just ask Leah and Nikki about my Denim Dan days....

  2. i will vouch for those bright lipstick attempts... scary!! i love this poem! so cute ghi! and happy birthday lindsey!