River Rats for Art Alfresco

Guess what I am?


A River Rat.


Yeah, that's what I thought the first time someone called me that.  Apparently that's what people from Greenwood call people from Greenville. 


Yeah, kind off.  But we Greenvillians had / have some pretty strong opinions about surrounding Delta towns.  We're like second cousins.  Pretty much the same people, but each think that our part of the family is the best.  That analogy makes sense in my head...but I can't make it make sense in type.  


Since I'm a resident of one and a child of the other, I'm all for loving both towns and for celebrating the goodness that each one holds.  Like Greenville has Gino's, the Blues Bar, and my parents; Greenwood has the Alluvian Courtyard, the Christmas Parade, and Art Alfresco.  

Art Alfresco...what's that?  

Well, glad you asked!!  Art Alfresco is an evening of goodness presented by Main Street Greenwood.  Downtown businesses stay open late, serve up dips (and maybe some wine!), and feature work by artists from the surrounding areas.  There's music and merriment, it's always a treat. You can come, shop, visit, and dance if you want. 

My plan is to go, check out the artists, pick out a piece I can't afford, and then start saving my pennies up in an old coffee can. 

Hope to see you out and about in Greenwood!!  And check out the new street lamps on Howard Street while you are there...pretty cool!

Art Alfresco - Downtown Greenwood, MS
October 6, 2011
5 - 8 pm  

find it here

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