BackYard Burgers

Warning:  this is very much a Weight Watchery post.  If that doesn't interest you, come on back tomorrow for a riveting discussion on meatloaf.  If that does interest you, then carry on...

I love me some Backyard Burger.  It's a tasty treat, one that I enjoy enjoying from time to time.  In fact, I was thinking about enjoying it this evening. 

I don't feel like going to the grocery store, but want to make sure that whatever I eat fits into the 12 points plus I have remaining for the rest of the day.  I did HORRIBLE on points this past week and it showed up on the scale this morning.  But no worries, today is a new day. 

But that doesn't mean I'm not hungry for something good.

OK so back to BYB.  I decided that it was an option for pick up and proceeded to print out their nutritional information. 

Have you ever looked at it?  Don't.  Don't do it if you love BYB.  In fact, stop reading this post because I'm about to make you very upset.

Yes, I nerded out with my highlighter.  So what? 

I had a taste for the blackened chicken sandwich, but it's 15 pp.  So, no. 

I moved on to just the plain grilled chicken...it's 9 pp but oh so boring. 

So then I just got curious about the new hot dog that everyone is raving about...but it was 13 pp so that was the end of that. 

Then I saw "102" listed under the carbohydrates and just had to know more...the culprit was the chicken tender meal and it came in at a whopping 34 points.  I get 29 in a day if that tells you anything.

Up next was the veggie burger...10 pp.  The Morningstar Farms one are only 4 pp, so talk to the hand BYB.

How about a salad?  A blackened chicken salad was only 9 pp but that doesn't leave much room for a festive dressing.

The most reasonable?  A serving of chili for 4 pp.  I'll probably be doing that one a lot come winter.  

But I've got to give it to BYB.  They scrait up say on their website that "ignorance is bliss" and they would rather you focus on how tasty their food is and not the nutritional information. Way to keep it real, guys. 

So while this is all very informative, I still have no idea what to have for dinner.  What do you suggest, oh vast world wide web? Leave a comment and help me not go hungry!

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