I love boudin.  Love it, love it, love it.  Maybe don't love the way it looks, but sure do love the way it tastes.  

And I love that in the state of Louisiana it is as plentiful as our beloved Chicken on a Stick in Mississippi.  A few months ago, while traveling back from a wedding in Louisiana, I got myself a few links for a snack.  

Looking back, that weekend was kind of a fat kid weekend.   

So this is some boudin that Win brought back to me and Brandon on a recent trip to Baton Rouge.  We enjoyed it for supper on Sunday night, along with a Michelob Ultra and a Saints game.  

The way I figured it, it was 10 pp for 1 link.  Add 6 wheat saltines (2 pp) and I had myself a really sassy supper.  

What is your favorite on the road snack?    

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