A Few on Friday

Well hey ya'll!  Happy Friday.  Hope you've had a good week.  Me, myself, I kinda ran out of steam yesterday afternoon BUT am trucking along today. 

Guess what I did yesterday.  Mastered mail merge.  This might not be a big deal to you, but it was kind of a big deal to me.  Proud moment, that mastering of the mail merge.  If you need this new skill of mine...you let me know.  But the glory is not all mine.  Oh no.  My friend Mary Annette and I figured it out by watching a YouTube video.  And making lots of mistakes.  Loooooots of mistakes. 

I also made a mistake of not wearing a light jacket to work today.  But I'm not fretting...I'm planning a fire pit for tonight so this chilliness will work out just fine.  And I'm hoping that this will work just fine as well...

find it here

Fingers crossed that my herbs dry out on the kitchen counter today.  Well.  They probably wont. But I can hope.  I'm also hoping that I can find some pine cones. 

Maybe this herbal fire starter isn't the best idea.  At least I get the paper.  Well.  I don't get the paper.  The people that lived in this house before me got the paper so I'm just living off of them. 

So I just got lost in YouTube for a minute.  It went new Fooloose trailer ------> old Footloose music video -------->

Stop, hammer time. 

What I wouldn't give for a place to go dancing in Greenwood.  Am I going to have to open a Club?  Probably.  

Why have I talked about the You Tube so much today?  And mail merging?  Oh, geeze.

Nerd Alert Nerd Alert.

A scary thing...I have ALL of the ingredients at home to make these:

  find it here

Maybe if my fire pit fails I can distract people with cake batter brownies.  Which is exactly what you need to eat the day before you go get your wedding dress fitted, right?  No? Hmmm. 

Oh well.  Life is short and funfetti is good...

Have a great weekend!

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