A Few on Friday

Happy beautiful Friday!!  I'm so very glad it's here.  I mean I've had a good week and all but I do love me a Friday. 

Any plans for the weekend?  I'm venturing to Jackson to do some shopping, hang with the cutest nieces in all of the land, and hopefully eat a Kiefers.  That's my lunch vote.  And I think it's a good vote because not only is it delish but I feel like 2 year olds can be as rowdy as they like. 29 year olds can also be as rowdy as they like...and sometimes I get rowdy over a gyro, so that's a good thing.

Moving on.

Looking forward to going on a run/walk when I get off work.  I usually exercise in the morning but decided to give myself a morning off today.  I just got this book in the mail and I'm quite intimidated. 

I have worked through Jeff Galloways Introduction to Running book and was quite pleased with it.  It gives a very specific schedule (love a schedule) and tells you exactly how many seconds to walk and how many seconds to run and on what days to do what. This new book is more of a how many miles to run to get you ready for the half marathon.  You get to pick out your own walk / run ration.  And this terrifies me.  I have to figure out my magic mile and this somehow involves a school track and some drill of some sort. It's even been explained to me by an experienced runner and I still don't get it. 

I'm a little slow to figure out the big picture at times.  I think my problem with this is because it keeps talking about laps around a track and i don't have a track to make laps around.  Perhaps this video will help.  And perhaps I need to just start running and see what happens. 

OK so we've covered Greek food, running, what else?

So Brandon and I went to the Viking Store yesterday to register and approached it with the attitude of go big or go home.  So go big we did.  So much cool stuff.  Like a BBQ wok, an herb keeper, and a pitcher that looks like a tervis tumbler with water in the "walls" so when  you freeze it it turns into ice and keeps your bev chilly.  Still with me?  Good.  Raising the roof to the viking store.  Never been?  Head on to Greenwood one day and check it out!   

That's all from the Elevator this week.  Be well, dear friends! 

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