My Weekend in Pictures

I've been constantly overwhelmed throughout mine and Brandon's engagement at how blessed and lucky we are.  Our friends and families have worked so hard to make this such a special time and I am so grateful.  Seriously.  This stuff is fun.    

I traveled home to Greenville this weekend to do all kinds of weddin' stuff, including attend my Hometown Brunch.  That's what we called it all weekend...the Hometown Brunch.  Just because that sounds festive. 

Speaking of festive...here's Mary Kenway.  Being freaking adorable.  She likes to kick her legs and roll over and play with camera straps.    

And here's Alex.  Susu (my mom) got ahold of her and put her hair in velcro rollers.  Because every 2 year old needs volume.  And a pair of knee high boots.  Those belong to her mom, she had a grand time stomping around in them.  She's hydrating for the Hometown Brunch in this shot....

Here's me and Pegs at the Hometown Brunch, in front of the coffee bar.  A coffee bar.  I can't even handle it...

Greenwood friends!  So glad they made the trek over.

Me and Chickey.  Blow my hair back.  

And here's me and the future mister.  My evil stepmother (she knows I call her that) was taking my single shots for our wedding announcement.  I wanted a few good ones of me and B as well...this is us looking longingly into each others eyes. 

Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

So thankful for such a fun weekend!  

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