Sensational Sausage

Let's talk about supper last Wednesday night.  Usually when I cook, I'm cooking for me and the Brandon.  However, this particular night, he was in Cleveland being a college kid.  

Left with only my palate to please, I set out to the store in search of ingredients for a sausage and cheese plate.  Apparently, there was a run on smoked turkey sausage because there was NONE.  


Luckily, the heavens departed and the light shown down on this package...

find it here 

I was intrigued.  I grabbed them, a box of splenda packets, and some bananas and made my way to the checkout. 

**Sidebar.  What's the strangest combination of products you've ever purchased at a wal mart? Think about it, it will probably make you laugh! 

I was delighted.  They were a little on the salty side, but overall a hit.  One sausage is 3 points plus.  I just sprayed a skillet with cooking spray and flipped the sausage around a few times until it was heated through. 

AND they are gluten free.

And my sausage and cheese plate?  Don't you worry...I got it.  Stay tuned....

Have a great week!! 

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