A Few on Friday : Stretch Pants Edition

Happy day after Thanksgiving!  I'm sitting here eating my oatmeal, trying to wrap my brain around the amount of food that I consumed yesterday.  What was your favorite thing that you ate?  Mine was the dressing, the pretzel salad, and the white chocolate blueberry bread pudding.  Dee-freaking-lish.  

My family and I spend Thanksgiving at the Luckett Lodge in Brandon.  It's a great place, especially now that there are so many kids involved. Here's a shot of Chickey and Baby Girl A taking a long walk on the pier.  She likes for everyone to hold hands.  Which is kind of adorable.   

Another thing that's kind of adorable is attempted Christmas card pictures.  In this shot, Jennifer had just said "Alex!  Hug baby sister!"  She proceeded to put her in a head lock and take her to the ground.  I'm guess at 2.5 and 6 months old, you can only hope for a funny card.

Once I got home, all eyes turned to Christmas.  It was fake trees and James Taylor, with Wheel of Fortune in the background.  Here's a twinkling picture of my tree snapped on my phone this morning, before I'd had my coffee.  

It's pretty much the same tree as last year.  The difference is that it features two strands of lights as opposed to three.  I'm trying to not do things that make me crazy (following that "if it hurts to touch the stove, don't touch the stove" mantra), putting on the third strand of lights would have fallen into the "makes me crazy" category.  I freaking hate putting on Christmas lights.  But I love a Christmas tree, so it's all worth it in the end. 

I've found another thing that didn't make the move.  In addition to the mixer and the baking sheet, we can add the Christmas wreath to the list.  There's a possibility that I threw it away in a fit of moving rage, I'm just not sure.  Alls I know is that I need to get a new one.  I just spent about 30 seconds searching wreaths on the interweb, it didn't help much unless I plan to wrap things in yarn. Which I don't. 

Don't people have, like, wreath making parties?  If you have one, will you invite me?  Or better yet, will you just make a wreath for me?  Thanks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Keep it real.....

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  1. oh how i enjoyed the dressing at the swindol's feast. i also need a wreath. i want one like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/holiday_jenny/359147021/in/gallery-busy-72157622843467216/

    that there wedding is mighty soon ghi!!