A Few on Friday


Sorry for the spotty blogging this week.  Just one of those weeks.  I feel like I'm going to have a lot of those weeks coming up.  Holiday and wedding season is absolutely upon us.  Not to mention cold and flu season is also upon us. 

Take your vitamin C ladies and germs, it's going to be a wild ride from here until January.

Speaking of wild rides I had to purchase new make up at the Wal Mart this morning.  It was quite the challenge. 

You know what else was a challenge...getting those bananas to check out.  They absolutely would not ring up so sadly, I had to leave them behind. 

But back to the makeup.  I was completely shooting in the dark.  The foundation and eye shadow are OK, the mascara rocks my world, the blush is horrid.  Makes me kind of look like a clown.  Whoops. 

Usually I wouldn't worry about not having makeup.  See, I left it at my mom's house last weekend I would normally be content with just getting it when I get it.  However, adult acne, uneven skin tone, and two baby showers this weekend created the perfect storm that required the purchase of this jazz. 

And the mini bottles of shampoo?  Kind of an impulse purchase that I can't really explain. 

I also can't explain my strong desire to make this...

find it here

But really. Should I have to explain it?  It's chicken sausage brown rice stuffing from the ever talented Gina.  I want to curl up inside of the pan. And be chill.  Just like this song. 

And these cupcakes.

find it here

And this outfit.

   find it here

And that is all.  

Happy weekend, friends!   

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