Gratitude A - Z

I love a well organized list.  I also love gratitude and the power that it has to lift spirits and improve moods.  Pardon me while I put these two things together in one big, heart warming blog post. 

A is for ALEXANDER.  As in my current last name.  I wont be my last name for to much longer but it sure has served me well. It's a strong name, a proud name, and I'm glad I've gotten to rock it for 29 years.

**Honorable mention: ARLO GUTHRIE and ALICE'S RESTAURANT

B is for BRANDON.  As in my future mister.  He is cute.  He is kind.  He is supportive, helpful, and funny.  He thinks I'm great even when I'm not and has promised to love me forever.

C is for CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY.  This is my church here in Greenwood.  I've loved this church since I moved to town, but have grown to love even more in the last year. I look forward to being married there and enjoying many more milestones in the future. 

**Honorable mention:  my CAMELBAK

D is for the DELTA.  As in my home land.  Love it or hate, it's what raised me.  I appreciate the flatness, the people, the mystery, and the pride.  And all of the good restaurants. 

E is for ENOUGH.  I've always had enough of what I need.  Enough food, enough money, enough support, enough laughter, enough work.  Maybe I haven't always had exactly what I wanted but I've always had enough

F is for FRIENDS.  My friends are like my family.  I would be the saddest girl without them.  They listen and call out and poke fun and lift up.  They are the strongest, most beautiful, and most interesting group of women around.  They are also all a little crazy, so that's fun. 

G is for GOOGLE.  Seriously.  I love gmail.  It makes my life easier.     

H is for HEALTH.  I work in a hospital.  Or rather, I work attached to a hospital.  People are sick all the time.  They are hurting all the time.  Health is priceless.  I hope to always have it.

I is for INDEPENDENCE.  Not only from dictators or religious oppressors, but also from people that are bossy-pants. 

J is for JOKES.  As in humor.  I love to laugh. 

K is for KINFOLK.  I got some good kinfolk.  I might not see them often but I do love them dearly. Looking forward to the holidays where I can get some good visiting time in! 

*Honorable mention:  KIT KATS

L is for LIFE.  I'm glad I'm alive.  My group members always list this as their number one when we do gratitude.  I'm always like, "Ya'll say something else!"  But really, there is nothing else.  I'm still here.  And that's awesome.

M is for MINKY.  As in minky fabric.  It is so soft and a perfect fabric for a baby blanket.  It makes people happy, and that makes me happy. 

N is for NIECES.  Alex and Mary Kenway blow my mind regularly with how awesome they are.  For instance...each time they pass a certain house on their way to school, Alex screams "Hey Mamma!  Polar Bear!!  Polar Beeeeaaaaaaaaaaar!!!" What does that even mean?  They both rock. 

O is for ONLY IF FOR A NIGHT.  As in my new favorite Florance and the Machine song.  You should check it out. 

P is for PARENTS.  My parents...God love 'em. They aren't perfect, but they're perfect for me.  They've taught me lessons, helped me out, encouraged me, and are paying for my wedding.  I promise to not to put you in the worst nursing home.  Mom, I'm kidding.  Don't panic. 

*Honorable mention:  PINTEREST

Q is for QUIET TIME.  As in sitting in silence.  Or piddling around in silence.  It rejuvenates me.

R is for RAIN.  I love a rainy day.  Especially a rainy Sunday afternoon when there is nothing to do.   

**Honorable mention:  RUNNING

S is for SISTERS.  My sisters are the best.  The absolute best.  I've got a step sister that's kind of awesome, too. 

T is for the TODAY SHOW.  I love to start my day with Matt and Anne.  I feel like we are friends.  I also feel like I'm slightly delusional at times.   

**Honorable mention:  sewing TUTORIALS

U is for UNREST.  As in the times that I feel I am in a funk and than am forced to do something about it. 

V is for VACATION.  Ohhhhhhh California.  So ready for you. 

W is for WORK.  I'm grateful not only to have a job, but to have a job doing work that I feel passionate about. 

**Honorable mention:  WEIGHT WATCHERS

X is for XMU.  As in Sirius XMU.  It's the home of the hip indie rock music and I love it. 

Y is for YOU!  As in the people that read this blog. You rock!    

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.  I love to sleep.  

What are you grateful for?  Hit me up on the comments at let me know!

Gobble, gobble buckaroos!  

Peace out.   

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  1. Rad list. I'm thankful for you and that you are my funny friend and for the sanity that you provide at luckett lodge.