Here Are Some Things.

Here is a picture of a great group of gal-friends

And here is a song from Florence + Machine's new album. Which is awesome by the way. 

And here is a restaurant recommendation just given to me.  Like 2 seconds ago.

Napenthe in Big Sur California.

Speaking of restaurant recommendations, my future mister and I will be traveling to California for our honeymoon.  Napa for a few nights then Carmel for a few nights.  Ever been there?  Have any recommendations for us?  Anyone have any ideas for how I can hypnotize myself for the flight?  I've developed a fear of flying in the last few years so I'll take any suggestions that you have.    

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  1. Big Sur is my favorite place I've ever been to. Keep in mind I'm not a big traveler, but it's at the top of my list, for whatever that's worth. What a great honeymoon destination!!