Jamba Juice and Gnarly Colds

I have never had an encounter with a Jamba Juice.  What I have had, however, is an encounter with a Jamba Juice frozen novelty.  More specifically the Vanilla Blueberry Pomegranate Perfection Bar.

And yes.  It is perfection.  As I whined about mentioned earlier in the week, I've battled a sore throat the morphed into a cold that morphed into a fever.  I'm tellin' ya.  It's been a doozie.  

It's also been a doozie on my point counting.  Yesterday...well yesterday went horribly.  I had tater tots and lucky charms for supper.  What?  As my mom said on the phone last night "you've always had such a good appetite!"  Why would that change just because I'm down with a cold?  

I digress.  So yesterday was not good.  Today went much better.  I tracked all day, including the shrimp lo mien for lunch.  Chinese food is my favorite sick food, FYI.  I don't claim to be normal...

My end of the day sweet was one of these Jamba Bars.  Excellent!  And great for the sore throat...muy soothing.  And at 2 pp a piece, they helped me stay within my range for the day.

What's your favorite sick treat?       

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