I'm not a simple person. 

I'm not saying I'm this incredibly mysterious, multi-layered, blow-your-mind fascinating and dramatically complex gal, more that I tend to try to do to many things at one time. 

I check facebook at stoplights, I constantly pour over my planner, and my brainy-brain rarely shuts off.  This has gotten even more intense since planning the weddin'.  Lots of things to think about, questions to answer, opinions to get, emails to send.  Despite all of the running amok...my to do list is getting shorter, I've had wonderful support, and am generally enjoying myself. Still busy, though. 

I wasn't surprised when I found this blog post written on the Spoonful blog.  One of my favorite things about life is finding things just when you need them.  Wether it's a 20 in a coat pocket, a beer behind a scary Tupperware bowl, or a well written and insightful blog post...God gives us these little gifts exactly when we need them.  No sooner, no later. 

Loves it.

Everyone is always talking about how life flies by.  My mom, she shakes her head and says it all the time.  I agree 300% that It's true. 

I went and got my hair fake-did yesterday for the wedding; some one asked me if I was getting my hair done for my wedding and if so, when was I getting married.  Of course, I said first that no, there was no wedding, I was just getting a Tuesday night up-do to wear to the Wal - Mart.  I quickly retracted my statement and responded with this:

"Oh, we're getting married in a few weeks. December 10" 

Wait huh?  A few weeks?  It doesn't even seem real.  But I don't know what it's like to get married and have no reality to compare it to...I guess it's OK that it doesn't seem real, right? 

I promise, I have a point.  I think. 

I want to enjoy these last few weeks before the weddin'.  In order to do that, I'm going to work to chill the freak out.  Lean cuisines are fine for a meal, nights out with friends (and the Brandon!) are awesome, and sitting on the couch doing nothing will be embraced and encouraged. Of course, work is still a necessity, as is exercise if I want to look bangin' in that dress.  However, I hope to cultivate my faith that there is plenty of time to do what I want to do and what I need to do.  I can stop being so wide-eyed....it's all going to be wonderful.  

Simplicity.  Being available in the moment and aware of what is happening, while it's happening.  I don't want to look back and be all like "ugghhhh I don't even remember any of it because I was so busy thinking about things that don't matter."  And not just about the wedding.  About life.  Life, man

What is your plan to keep it simple?  This is the question that Sara Barry asked of her readers and it prompted this blog post.  Let me know if you find yourself equally inspired and have any wonderful revelations.  Or let me know if you'd rather me stick to posting about food and points.  I mean I might not listen, but I'd still like to know what you'd like to see more of. 

And let me know if you would like some Gooey Chocolate Butter cookies.  Come by the Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Greenwood tomorrow mid day for soup and salad, fashion shows and cookies.  Love a bake sale.  I'll share the recipe soon.  But now...I'm off to get ready for my di-zay.  

P.S. Sometimes I like to talk like Jay-Z.

Find it here. Photo by Clark Duggar



  1. appreciate the shout out.

    i too am not naturally a simple person and i think that's why i work so hard at simplifying. it is a constant battle.

    enjoy this wonderful season! embrace those lazy nights on the sofa and lean cuisines. go easy on yourself.

    p.s. i love it when i find that last lone beer behind a scary tupperware bowl. ha ha.

  2. Love this post ghi. And, yes, chill the freak out and enjoy these last few days as as a single laday! Love you and cant wait for the wedding weekend!!